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Spyzooka Review

Spyzooka Review

Read below for more general information, but you can read our full Spyzooka Review here –> Our Spyzooka Review

So you’re computer isn’t working like it used to and you’ve heard of Spyzooka and want to know if it would work for you? Read on – but first a review as to what you are combatting against:spyzooka

You’re at your computer, checking your auctions on EBay but your computer ‘feels really sluggish’, and you’re not running anything else. You click on a link and suddenly you are redirected to a search page that you’ve never heard of or 5 new website windows open up, going to sites you’d never go to if your mother was watching. You’ve got spyware or malware on your computer!

The Anti-Spyware Coalition, a group of companies that include Dell, Google, Lavasoft, CNET, Microsoft, and Yahoo, have recently published a document that defines spyware as such: “Technologies deployed without appropriate user consent and/or implemented in ways that impair user control over: material changes that affect their user experience, privacy or system security; use of their system resources, including what programs are installed on their computers; and/or collection, use and distribution of their personal or otherwise sensitive information.”

It’s been widely reported that “Elf Bowling”, a popular freeware program that was distributetd in 1999 was the first case of Spyware, but most now believe that to be nothing more than a hoax. It’s actually believed to have been first created in 1995 and not long afterwards, the first anti-spyware program. Now that are many programs that are specifically designed to detect and eradicate spyware. Spyzooka by BluePenguin is an anti-spyware program that actually GUARANTEES 100% spyware removal!

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Let’s take a closer look at some different types of software that fall under the general description of spyware:

What is Adware?
Adware is an program that is designed to display advertising banners. Two reasons this is criticized these advertisements are not from the websites you are visiting and that they can send information back to the offending company, who will then target you with specific ads based on your surfing habits. Unlike clicking on a banner for more information, this sneaks in the “back door.

What are keyloggers?
Key loggers are exactly what they sound like. They silently collect everything you type, like logging into your bank account, and send it to the hacker. Now he has your account number, user name, and password. Getting concerned yet? You should be!

What is Malware?
Malware is the general term for “malicious” software. Although some spyware programs just collect information; malware is actually designed to somehow damage your computer. Technically, malware isn’t spyware, so a brief explanation would be helpful. Malware is designed to spread itself through your computer, changing files, making copies to send to your unsuspecting contacts, even deleting your entire hard drive. Virus’ and worms are examples of malware.

“Trojan Horses” and “Backdoors” are other malware programs. These programs quietly hide in your computer until you connect to the net then they record your activity and “report in” to the owner, who then uses your computer information to send out virus’s, malware, and spam. Some hackers actually link a group of computers together to send a barrage of service requests to a particular web site that it becomes overwhelmed, causing it to shut down. This is known as a Denial of Service (DOS) attack.

Other forms of malware include Hijackers and Toolbars. Hijackers take over your browser, going to a new home page, opening websites you weren’t going to, and keeping you from getting to where you were trying to get to. Hey may even pop open a window telling you that you’ve been infected and to buy a specific program to get rid of the infections. (Any guess who profits from that? – yep, the hacker who created the malware in the first place.) Toolbars are similar. Toolbars like Yahoo or Google and others that you’ve installed yourself have their uses. They can make searching the web easier, and often include popup blockers. The malware toolbars try to look like their helping, but in reality, they are not. They are either monitoring your activity and sending to the hackers or creating popups that the hackers are getting paid for.

“How did all this spyware get on my computer?”

The bad news is that you or someone in your home is probably at least partially to blame. Now I’m not saying you should start grilling your kids as to what sites they went to or why ‘freeware’ they’ve been downloading, but the sad truth is, if you’re going to surf anywhere other than your own private and locked down servers, you NEED to take precautions.

Remember when you installed a program last week and that box popped up with hundreds of lines of small print? You didn’t read it all, did you? I doubt very many people do. Spyware distributors count on that. If you do actually read through all of the agreement, you may find a few lines talking about a ‘search plugin’ or other type of utility that sounds like it’s all about helping you. Of course, it’s also possible that the author completely leaves it out of the agreement and just installs it along with the other program so research and a good anti-spyware untility is needed.

Believe it or not, it’s even possible to get spyware or other malware just by VIEWING websites now. Once upon a time, you’d have to agree and download a program, but now all it takes is a somewhat trusting selection on your browser and either a webmaster or hacker installed ‘nastygram’ that will install itself when you enter their website. You may think that only porn or hacker sites are dangerous territory but even government websites have been infiltrated and had malware installed, just waiting for unsuspecting visitors.

Ok, my computer has Spyware on it, what can it do?
Now that spyware is installed on your computer, what is it going to do? Anything you can do, it can do better and faster. It’s a program running in the background that can record your keystrokes, read your files, watch what you type into your word processing program, change your home page to a porn site, add and delete files, read your cookies (with all your personal info), then send it all back to him (or her). Some spyware actually can be uninstalled through your Control Panel but some will crash your computer and cause a reboot. Others actually pretend to uninstall themselves, but they only mask themselves further and activate themselves at a later time.

You don’t know how or even what was loaded onto your computer, but now it’s causing you problems. Your computer is running slower, some programs aren’t working at all, and you may even be seeing the dreaded “blue screen of death.” (system crash). The good (and bad) news is that you’re not alone. In a PCWorld article it was reported that 70% of participants thought that their systems were safe – although 20% of them actually had some form of malware and 63% acknowledged having some form of ‘infection’ in the past.

Now what do you do? There are some very good anti-spyware programs out there but you have to beware. The problem is that some of the programs out there say that they are removing spyware when in reality, they ARE spyware themselves! Avatod Antispyware, VirusRanger, SpywareSheriff and Malware Defense are just 4 names of the hundreds of false security programs out there. You have to work with sotware that is trusted and trustworthy.

How do I keep my computer safe from spyware and malware?
Once you’ve “cleaned” your computer, how do you keep it from getting “dirty” again? The best way to defend your computer is twofold – 1) Run regular scans of your computer with a good program (or two) and 2) Make sure you have a spyware monitor active at all times. Having a monitor or SpyGuard is what will keep you from downloading known spyware when it tries to install itself onto your system! Without that realtime monitor in place, your system is a sitting duck for a new infection and you will only be as safe as your most recent scan.

You could avoid using Internet Explorer since most spyware have been designed to attack it. Kim and I prefer Firefox and Google Chrome. Of course as these grow in popularity, so will the risk that others will write malware to exploit them too.

Our lawmakers seem to be doing their best to help slow the growth of spyware and malware. Laws have been passed and more are coming, but it still comes down to you to protect your computer system. Laws will not protect your computer anymore than laws would protect the possessions in your home if you left the doors wide open with no one watching.

There is some good news. In 2005, Brad Greenspan the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Intermix agreed to pay fines of $750,000 in addition to the $7.5 million that Intermix itself had to pay for the distribution of spyware.

The bad news is that Spyware and other Malware are here to stay. The good news is that there are quality programs out there to help. Spyzooka is a very good program that’s well designed, well respected and very good at thoroughly removing ALL the spyware from your system – so good that’s it’s actually guaranteed!

Starting to think you need an anti-spyware product? You should! Read our full Spyzooka Review here: Our Spyzooka Review

Here’s a recap of what you need and Spyzooka has:

  • The ability to detect and remove ALL spyware

  • A team that is constantly updating the software (to catch new spyware)
  • The abilty to send a scan back to Blue Penguin – for anything that Spyzooka cannot cure. They will analyze the log and send you an update withing 24 hours!
  • 24 x 7 spyware guard – called SpyGuard – preventing future infections!

and now we have a special deal for you!
Click here for a Free Download of SpyZooka
** We’ve worked out a special deal for our readers – Download the link above and WRITE DOWN this special code: SPY10. IF you decide to register the software, you will receive a 10% discount just for visiting our site (enter the code when you order) – Isn’t that a great deal? **

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